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Scotland hosts the seventh Iberica restaurant in the UK

arceclima - 31 March, 2017 - 0 comments

In the same year, Nacho Manzano, when he was 15 years old, he knew already that cooking was going to be his career path so he decided to start a new project in London with the opening of Iberica London. Nacho wanted Iberica to become a flagship Spanish restaurant so it could offer traditional Spanish food using top ingredients and respecting high standards of Spanish cuisine.

Eight years later, there are eight different Iberica restaurants across the UK: London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow are the four locations where Iberica restaurants can be found.

Main Hall of the Iberian Leeds after the reform

Scotland hosts the seventh Iberica restaurant in the UK

Iberica Leeds restaurant was inaugurated at the beginning of 2016. It is situated in the centenarian action house “Hepper House”, a historical building which was built in 1863 and is located in Leeds. Its remodeling has been carried out by Lazaro Rosa Violan and his Contemporain Studio team.

They were responsible for this project which has capacity to host 113 people. The building presents a classic design and has certain baroque touches in the main living room. Iberica Leeds receives natural sunlight from the street because of the skylight situated in dining room and the contiguous kitchen. The rooms have some similarities with Scottish and Galician culture, including decoration elements such as two original bagpipes, exclusively brought from Galicia.

Due to the big remodeling it has taken place, Iberica Leeds has been awarded with the Leeds Architecture Awards 2016. The transformation from an auction house to a flagship Spanish restaurant plus the fact that they managed to keep Hepper House essence has helped the restaurant win this prestigious prize.

A challenging smoke extraction installation for a demanding restaurant.

Arce Clima has dealt with the whole climate control installation of the restaurant as well as the smoke extraction system in the kitchen.

A smoke extraction system for a kitchen of these dimensions which works at a very fast pace when is in operation demands a rigorous mechanism which works in automatic mode for both generated smoke extraction and the main room ventilation and incoming air.




The system used in the kitchen has an computerized control box which verifies the incoming air at all times. Depending on the extraction levels, the staff only needs to worry about increasing or decreasing the speed of the extraction system thus the system itself is responsible for balancing the installation according to restaurant demands concerning atmosphere conditions.


Having participated in the installation of this restaurant which has been awarded with the Leeds Architecture Awards 2016 is such an honour for Arce Clima which makes us work with more passion and enthusiasm.
In the projects taken on by Arce Clima, we do not only try to deliver energy-efficient installations but also well designed business premises. In order to do that, history and building structure are respected so works performed do not interfere with its core functionality.

If you would like to learn more about this project, please leave a comment below!

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