Estrella Galicia: refrigeration installation of beer tanks

Estrella Galicia: refrigeration installation of beer tanks

This time we are going to tell you about works carried out for  commercial premises which some of you may have visited at some point.

Similar to some projects taken on for Zara Group stores, these installations are prepared for  retail sales , in this case, a brewery. Our mission was to do the refrigeration installation of beer tanks in the Estrella Galicia brewery, in A Coruña. It ranks top 1 in beers sold in Spain with over 1.5 million beers served a year.

Why a mini refrigerant plant was chosen for the refrigeration installation of beer tanks?

The client posed specific requirements for this project. The challenge was to keep the beer tanks at a constant temperature, no matter what the beer tank load level is.

Another important requisite which was taken into consideration was the fact that the system should work both automatically and manually allowing the brewery staff to make adjustments.

According to the prestigious magazine “Tasting Beer” by Randy Mosher, the ideal temperature at which the tanks should work is in order to serve the beer chilled and in the best conditions.

After the needs proposed by the client, we came up with the installation of a Digital Scroll mini refrigerant plant with 3 compressors (one of them Digital Scroll) and a radial condenser to optimize the consumption. 32.250W performance   with a potential temperature range between -10 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius with possible automatic and manual operation and the capacity control from 10 to 100%.

refrigeration installation of beer tanks

Advantages of a mini refrigerant plant for the refrigeration installation of beer tanks

  1. One of the main advantages of this type of installation is its capacity to adapt the refrigerant power to the need of the moment at all times. It can be used in only one unit in order to supply various refrigerant services, increasing space and minimizing costs.
  2. Shrinkages are diminished in the products stored as freezing is avoided and number of start/stops is reduced.
  3. A higher energetic efficiency is achieved while working in a continuous basis as well as extending the useful life of the compressors.

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What do you think about the use of a mini refrigerant plant for commercial premises of this nature? We are waiting for you in the comment section.

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