Installation of the new kitchen for Los Hornos restaurant in La Toja Island

Installation of the new kitchen for Los Hornos restaurant in La Toja Island

Restaurant Los Hornos has a privileged location in a beautiful environment called La Toja Island which is by the sea. One can enjoy a fantastic dinner tasting the local seafood with a beautiful view. Not only the raw materials are fantastic but also the service is of high quality.

It is a real pleasure dealing with projects like this and supplying this restaurant with a brand new kitchen which is able to maintain the food standards one can find here.

The kitchen needed a renovation so the installation consisted of upgrading the whole room to carry on working in the demanding fast environment.

The whole project was undertaken by Arce Clima as they started with supervision of demolition works as well as extraction of all elements:

  1. Unnecessary walls which diminished performance of the room
  2. Tiles and flooring
  3. Old water sewers and separating casket to comply with regulations
  4. Wiring to substitute
  5. Extraction turbine
  6. Inox carpentry in existing kitchen furniture to leave room for working space
  7. Cooling room
  8. Gas installation

It is very important to consider that these venues must comply with rigorous laws which affect its accessibility architectonic features, minimum measures of the rooms, distance between elements, extraction systems, temperature, luminaries…

Kitchen refurbishment


For the floor of the new kitchen, we opted for an epoxy resin which is the most adequate to be installed in special food areas. One of the main characteristics of this type of material is that it is washable so it makes it cleaning easy. In order to do so, the floor has been intentionally assembled with certain slope and some chutes have been installed in the perimeter of the kitchen.

Handling area

A refrigeration panel of 40mm which secures a better preservation of food as well as an adequate cold chain with no risk of breakage has been installed.

Cooling equipment according to power in the room in order for the workroom to be between 12-14º Celsius with low profile units has also been implemented.

A swinging door and 3+10+10+3 glasses have been assembled to separate cold and hot areas which helps keep the perfect temperature in each room.

The extraction system has been substituted as the old one was obsolete. The new system is 400º Celsius and has been balanced with free cooling as well as automatic kitchen extinction (mandatory from 50KW onwards).

If you would like to learn more about this installation, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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