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Energy efficiency at a Swiss laboratory

arceclima - 11 July, 2018 - 0 comments

There are projects, which are really challenging due to its tough design or execution. However, this installation has not only been stimulating because of its location but also was an interesting opportunity to see several departments work together towards the final goal.

Some of our employees moved to Switzerland for six months in order to install up to seven different systems in a new measurement/electromagnet laboratory for all the rings within the particle accelerator. Our objective was to provide the client with the maximum efficiency in the installation meeting, as usual, the deadline.


There is no project without planning

The peculiarities of the sector in which the building was going to be used along with the fact that many departments of Arce Clima were part of the project, increased the relevance of an exhaustive planning. It was very important to coordinate the installations to make them all work properly within the time given.

We had to adapt to the predetermined space for this project, thus no oversizing was allowed. Besides, a sustainable design was chosen for each of the elements related to the installations of the laboratory, increasing the efficiency and profitability of the systems used.

These requirements led to a long design phase, which started off by calculating the thermal needs of the building, from an internal and external modeled to more detailed calculations. Moreover, dimensioning of the main equipment of each system had to be foreseen as well as each element of the system.

Client needs with respect to our role in the project were very clear: the laboratory needs functionally useful installations, capable of functioning properly 100% of the time. As a guarantee, it was opted to develop functional schemes for each system in which any necessary element was included to achieve the desired goals.


An installation with multiple needs and even more workers

Multiple solutions were required for this project thus we have collaborated with the design and installation of the following systems:

– Ventilation

– Distribution of cold water for climate control

– Distribution of hot water for climate control

– Distribution of domestic water

– Distribution of compressed air

– Distribution of water for fire extinguishing

Demineralized water system: this system is required due to the type of installation, focused to internal refrigeration of the electromagnets without disturbing its magnetic field nor producing deposits of salt in its interior.


In the development of this type of projects, we also collaborate with several firms from other sectors, which have a common goal: meeting the dealing without renouncing to deliver the most efficient installations. Furthermore, creating the right work environment helping each other around bring better results to the project.


Project development in Switzerland

For the development of this project, security standards were key, as they had to be strictly respected according to previous stipulations. For that reason, the start up of each of the systems was done following the security protocol and instrumentation required by the CERN.

Prior to the start of the installation, the design was developed to the very little detail in each of the 3D installations. By doing so, a highly aesthetics integration was achieved. Since the beginning of the project, a team formed by specialists of Arce Clima was created in order to provide a global vision of the needs and specifications of each installation.

Throughout the project, we have collaborated and informed the client on a daily basis in order to achieve the greatest results and meet the needs and requirements of the installation. The project was executed with a high level of quality from assembly to final outcome, as well as a solid level of learning for the employees involved.


Would you like to learn more about other projects we have done? Stay tuned for new posts in the blog!

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