Arce Clima has been chosen for the design of the new magnet test laboratory in the CERN

Arce Clima has been chosen for the design of the new magnet test laboratory in the CERN

The current CERN magnet design test laboratory is very close to an end. Its place underground inside a material acceleration ring which is not being used at the moment due to its storage capacity. In fact, it was generally intended for radioactive waste confinement which is produced in some experiments taken on by the CERN.

Thus, it has been conveniently considered to move the CERN’s magnet test laboratory to a different place. The new laboratory is going to be on new site with brand new installations.

CERN stands for European Centre of Nuclear Research. It is a magical place which after the Higgs boson breakthrough, the elemental particle which could explain the origin of matter, has leaded towards an experiment to make subatomic particles crash nearly reaching the speed of light. These efforts to rememorize the conditions which brought the Big Bang to the Earth are still intended to be brought back today.

Why does the Cern need a magnet test laboratory?

The particles collider which is generally used for these experiments is composed by over 9,600 “supermagnets” – 100,000 times more powerful than the gravity force of the Earth – which throw the protons towards a circular course at an unimaginable speed.

The stator magnets are made of 36 strands which are twisted together, 15mm thick, each of them composed by between 6,000 and 9,000 individual filaments and a diameter of 7 micrometers.

The great length of the particles collider requires over 7,600 km of cable which is equivalent to 270,000 km of threads sufficient to go around the Earth six times.

The ArceClima´s role in the new CERN’s magnet test laboratory.

The new building which will host the magnet laboratory is being completely projected in 3D by different departments at CERN. However, Arce Clima has been honored by being chosen to collaborate directly with these calculation departments and with the definite 3D design of practically all the installations of this building:

  1. Climate control
  2. Sanitary water
  3. Fire protection
  4. Compressed air
  5. Demineralized water

Everything is ready for correct refrigeration of the electromagnets without altering its magnetic field as well as refrigerate its power supplies. This also includes the electrical power installation and performance monitoring of all of them.

The design process of this type of installation requires very demanding processes and operations. However, working along with the personnel of CERN with continuous exchange of information will enhance better performance in the projects.

Did you know about CERN and the importance of the work they carry out? Feel free to comment and stay tuned!

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