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Arce Clima in depth: Global solution for commercial and industrial installations

arceclima - 1 December, 2016 - 0 comments

Arce Clima started in 1994 focused on climatization installations. Over time, we intended to provide a wider solution to our clients thus other related areas were reached in order to offer a global solution for commercial and industrial installations. New additional areas were: fire protection, electric installations, geothermic, solar energy and industrial refrigeration.

Today, one can state that Arce Clima can be your perfect partner when it comes to the electro-mechanic dimension of medium and large works. In order to define the solution that suits best to each project, we invest a lot of time to offer a global service with high-added value which incorporates installation, maintenance, engineering services and project consulting.

No matter what the project is about, we have a firm commitment to comply with the objectives assuring they are delivered on time as well as quality standards are fulfilled.


  1. Climatization: we create the best temperature, humidity and air cleanliness conditions to shape project works.
  2. Industrial refrigeration: installation design and implementation as well as precise machinery for industrial refrigeration.
  3. Electric installation: the core. Our objective is to define properly the set of electric circuits that provide energy to the whole installation and to the electrical devices in order to make them take shape.
  4. Fire protection: security and prevention are key elements within each installation. We intend to minimize the potential consequences at all times when it comes to a fire. Fire protection systems are thought to save lives, reduce material losses and be able to catch up as quickly as possible with the affected area.

The increasing environmental concern as well as working toward a more sustainable planet has made us support, along with our clients, the implementation of renewable energy systems. Among them, we highlight:

  1. Geothermic: climatization systems, which take advantage of constant temperature, have been developed to get their own energy from the subsoil. This surface terrain usually keeps a constant temperature between 10 and 16º Celsius, depending on where the edification has been built.
  2.  Solar energy: it comes from the electromagnetic radiation from the sun, heat and light released by the brightest star can be taken through photovoltaic cells, heliostats or thermal collectors and turned into electric energy.

Due to 20 years of experience within the climatization sector, an integral solution is always considered as the best decision to management of works and its start up. Loyal to our client needs adaptation capacity, we can provide partial services oriented to only one part of the project.


In any of the areas mentioned above, we can take on:

Consulting: an exhaustive study is carried out in order to propose solutions which suits best to any kind of work demanded by the client.

Engineering: with the know-how acquired over the years and certified software design for each kind of installation, we carry out a study phase in which critical points are identified as well as interferences within the installations. It is not disregarded the fact that installations are not enclosed so they can relate one another.

Installations: considering consulting and engineering are necessary to tackle a project, we also undertake the execution of any kind of installation. It is at this point where the team turns up to put into practice the experience accumulated over the years and applying it to each project.

Maintenance: once the installations have been started up, we provide its maintenance, offering global solutions through a preventive/corrective plan suitable to each installation, making shelf life of equipment and its components longer.  A good quality maintenance can realize profit on the initial investment.

What do you think about this article? Are you ready to put us to test? We are sure we will not disappoint you!


Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions, we will be glad to answer you.  Stay tuned to our social media too!

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