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Areas of activity in comprehensive maintenance works

arceclima - 19 April, 2018 - 0 comments

Arce Clima not only specializes in the design and implementation of all processes in electromechanical installations but also makes sure that the equipment has a correct operation over time. It also offers an integral maintenance service in order to prevent any incident which may arise in order to quickly solve any inefficiency or breakdown.

It is a very complex process that implies multiple areas. That is why Arce Clima has exclusively dedicated one department to comprehensive maintenance works.  The main objective of this department is to centralize this service ensuring a protocol adapted to our client’s concrete needs.

This department has been growing more and more due to its added value to the installations as well as allowing for a longer lifespan of the equipment. Would you like to learn more about this area at Arce Clima?


Management of comprehensive maintenance

Management of comprehensive maintenance encompasses various types of maintenance services depending on area of work and periodicity. These works are normally tackled differently as its main focus is the specific characteristics of each installation.

When someone hires this service both external agents and technical characteristics are taken into consideration. It is aimed to optimize the efforts put in each installation. Moreover, architectural characteristics of the building and layout of areas of work are also highly relevant when applying this service.


There are two main areas of work in comprehensive maintenance:

  1. Comprehensive industrial maintenance related to the technical part of each specific installation group
  2. Environmental maintenance which refer to external factors with regards to location of each installation and potential harmful effects it might have for a certain installation.


These two types of maintenance are not exclusionary but indicative. The areas implied in each installation are distributed according to its features. They might seem similar but it is actually very different to revise a climate control installation and a fire safety piece of work. The main goal is to find a concrete vision in each of the areas as well as to save time and manage a global vision of the installation.


Industrial comprehensive maintenance

Industrial comprehensive maintenance works are those related to prevention, treatment and management of incidents with the support of appropriate machinery in order to start up the installations.

The main areas of work at Arce Clima are similar to the services offered at installations: climate control, industrial refrigeration, solar energy and fire protection. Other areas such as gardening, metalwork, bricklaying and painting are also services provided by Arce Clima.


Works offered within this maintenance area are aimed at guaranteeing the correct operation of any installation and optimize the energy use. Professionalism and good management are the two main ingredients of an efficient installation.  


Comprehensive maintenance related to the environment

The environment might create some problems for the installations if certain aspects are not in control. Bacteria, accumulation of water or an undetected plague might cause a bigger damage so it is nearly more important to prevent these agents than treating  the source of infection.

For a correct problem prevention, Arce Clima sets different areas according to specific needs. For instance, water treatment both bacteria and residue are analyzed as well as presence of certain bacteria such as legionella.

Each of these actions is done by highly professional personnel, attending the current legislation set for this type of processes. Because of the hard work along these years, Arce Clima can count on a multidisciplinary team ready to take on efficiently in any of these fields.


In the next posts, each of the areas involved in the comprehensive maintenance works will be examined  in order to describe the key points when it comes to tackling the maintenance works of any installation.  Would you like to learn more about anyone in particular? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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