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Getting to know Arce Clima team: peculiarities of the climate control industry in the Canary Islands

arceclima - 19 April, 2018 - 0 comments

Arce Clima started to operate in the Canary Islands in 1994, when many big commercial areas were built due to the construction boom, majorly focused on the textile sector. Our sole branch over there (Las Palmas) rapidly needed to be complemented with another one in order to meet demand. That is how Tenerife branch was inaugurated.

Currently, both branches are involved in numerous projects, which are done in the Islands and serve to support each other when necessary. Moreover, there is one manager in each branch supported by 10 other workers in total,  who are responsible for guaranteeing the most efficient service adapted to each of the projects that Arce Clima does.

Maintenance works are based upon continuous improvements and incorporate advanced systems and diagnose tools, which allow for optimization of management of installations. Furthermore, they improve its operation so it can extend the lifespan of the machines.

Our main objective is to set a standardized maintenance system in order to maintain high levels of confidence at the installations, its equipment and infrastructure. Maximizing task prevention is another critical point, which allows for essential corrective actions and avoid stops when it comes to start up the installation.

There are so many factors, which influence maintenance processes managed by Arce Clima and environmental aspects that affect constructions.  There is no doubt that the Canary Islands have special weather conditions as well as certain peculiarities regarding its orography. That is why having a clearly set maintenance plan is highly important to manage our installations.


Project management in the Canary Islands

Our first installation in the Canary Islands, in a commercial area in Calle Castillo (Las Palmas) was already a sign regarding what was about to come.  Retail clients were the main focus in the beginning, being Numero Uno one of the first retilers who trusted Arce Clima. Subsequently, Arce Clima started to penetrate the banking and supermarket industry.

Another key point in the Canary Island regards tourism. Due to the high level of hotels, climate control demand increases and maintenance works as well, in order to provide tourists with the best comfort standards. Maintenance services include implementation of control systems and management of installations as well as start up of processes.

Our team of highly skilled professionals offers a dedicated service 365 days a year 24/7. A vital service for professional activities such as hotels, which must offer an impeccable service day and night all year long.

For project management of this area, installations are distributed between our two branches: Las Palmas and Tenerife. Not only they do over 200 installations a year but also around 80-100 maintenance works on a monthly basis. One of the advantages of working with our Canary team is the possibility to rapidly move from one island to another so the works are always carefully attended.

Main services of Arce Clima in the Canary Islands

The main services Arce Clima provide in the Canary Islands range from climate control to maintenance works.

– Climate control: number of installations in the Canary Islands is very high due to its subtropical climate, clearly oriented to cooler and more pleasant rooms for the clients.

– Maintenance works: they have very specific characteristics, due to its high sedimentation index and closeness to the sea.

Equipo Canarias

Climate control and maintenance works in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are such a peculiar territory due to its climate and orography, which hugely influences the installations that are done over there. Due to its particular temperature conditions, installations only use cool functions and should have exhaustive maintenance services due to high level of suspended particles in certain seasons. Suspended particles facilitate dirt inside the machines creating problems in the installations in the case they are not revised periodically. For this reason, equipment needs to be protected with special treatment for marine environment, which allow them to extend their useful life. Management of comprehensive maintenance works increases their relevance in that area.


Would you like to learn more about management of comprehensive maintenance works?

Stay tuned, we will tell you more about it in the following posts!

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