Corporate Social Responsability at Arce Clima

Corporate Social Responsability at Arce Clima

2017 has been a year of many changes – both in the industry and within the firm. For that reason, we have spent the first month of 2018 analyzing the improvements and lessons learned over the last year.

From the birth of Arce Clima, the company has taken many actions to promote CSR. However, those actions were not standardized. This is why we have been working hard in order to develop our #Responsabilizate programme.

Xunta de Galicia’s program offers advisory and technical advice in order to diagnose the state of our firm so that we can create our strategic plan. Our commitment is key for our capacity to respond our stakeholders. The work we do on a daily basis is oriented to satisfy the social, environmental and economic demands of each group.

We are aware that our growth is due to our high level of human capital, in all of our departments, and we would like to reward their work.

In adopting this programme, we would like to keep improving and making progress. We would like to detect the most appropriate CSR actions and make a more efficient reality in order for the stakeholders to benefit from this.  Would you like to accompany us?


Our employees, the core of Arce Clima

All personnel are highly qualified at Arce Clima to provide the best service. Personal and professional development are key to the firm so that our employees can continue their formation process.

In order to so, all the employees are trained according to the needs derived from their own post as well as the ones from the firm.

By applying this new policy, we would like each employee to feel a part of the brand and be able to transmit our values in their daily work.  Success comes from teamwork!


Suppliers and clients, the foundation of our activity.

The services Arce Clima provide are geared towards two main audiences: our suppliers and customers.

Over the last year, our main goal was to manage communication with these two main players, not only for the benefit of the firm, but also looking for a greater diffusion and understanding of the values of the firm.

This relationship with the two key players is fostered from the firm through strict payment policies, especially with regards to local suppliers.

Clients and suppliers are carefully taken into consideration in the continuous search of aligning these works with their interests, so a better solution can be provided. The projects we take on go beyond installation itself.


Efficiency and care for the environment, pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility in Arce Clima.

Our commitment towards energy efficiency has been one of the main values fostered at Arce Clima this year. We do know it takes time and dedication to meet and adapt our projects to environmental standards so we try to focus our daily works towards that goal.

In 2018, we would like to reinforce our commitment and increase resources and efforts made from the board so that all stakeholders understand the developments coming from CSR, adopting the values correctly and understanding why these actions are taken.


Arce Clima is the result of the contributions of every single employee to make sure everything continues to work in the most effective way. Thanks to all the Arce Clima family to make growth possible year after year!

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