Special buildings: Bullit Center
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Special buildings: Bullit Center

We are starting a new section on this blog. Our idea for this series of articles is to present various special buildings located all over the world. Each construction mentioned in this section will be there for a reason and shall be an example of excellence construction wise. Reasons?

Energetic efficiency and sustainability rarely seen in recent times impossible designs perfectly executed or master solutions in the face of challenging projects.

Today, we would like to talk about the Bullit Center, the world´s most sustainable commercial building.

It is located in Sehttp://www.bullittcenter.orgattle, in the United States.  One of the most polluted countries in the world ranking second among the top ten, with pollution levels increasing year by year. Cities like Los Angeles or Bakersfield in California, register the highest pollution rates in the US.

In spite of this, apparently not encouraging, there are encouraging signs of progress. That is where Bullit Center turns up. Thanks to Bullit Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering sustainability  and whose president, Denis Hayes, was one of the main supporters “the Earth Day”, the Bullit Center was inaugurated precisely on that day.

The architects in charge of the project belong to Miller Hull Partnership and the building has been rewarded with the prestigious Living Building certification, developed by the International Living Furniture Institute.

What makes the Bullit Center so special?

It is a 4800 square meter building, energetically self-sufficient and built with more than 350 different harmless materials and environmentally friendly.

Solar panels, which can generate up to 230,000 Kwh a year and are found on the roof top, are responsible for supplying all the energy to the building .

The heating system has 26 geothermic wells and the toilettes work with a composting system so they only require two table spoons of water a day for each flush. Moreover, the windows of the building open and close automatically depending on climatology at that moment.

It should not go unnoticed that the water deposit, situated in the basement, hold up to 56,000 liters. It collects rainwater which supplies the building and can cope with 3 months drought.

The outcome of this project: a sustainable architectural project full of beauty, admired worldwide and reality.

A few words from the founder of this project:

“Gone is the era of minimizing negative impacts, unfinished processes and minor disturbances. As a society, we need to implement ideas that were unimaginable before. Luckily, within the construction sector, we clearly know it is not necessary to imagine it, because we can indeed touch, experience, learn and produce it”

Did you know about this building? Would you like us to talk about an specific building?

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